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“Life was never meant to be easy. There are no magic pills or shortcuts to success in anything. It takes hard work, focus, dedication, persistence and patience. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. “

Kevin W. Putala Creator: The Lone Warrior


We go through life with family and friends, but our decisions, actions and reactions are ours and ours alone to make.




Welcome to my blog! I’m glad you are here!

Health, fitness, martial arts and life MY way.  That does not mean my way is the right way or only way, just the way I do it as I search for the perfect way for me!  I am not a licensed nutritionist and my personal trainer certifications have expired ( held both Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Senior Fitness, I.S.S.A.), but I have 32+ years experience in the martial arts as a teacher and student.  My core system is traditional Tang Soo Do (Yes there is a difference) and I have studied Aikido, Kenpo, Hapkido, Shotokan and currently Tai Chi.

At almost 52 with health issues and getting the run around from doctors, I decided to take control of my own health and fitness and become the absolute best version of me I can be physically, mentally and spiritually.  This is my notebook, sounding board and maybe at times my soap box.  You may not agree with everything you read or see here, but we aren’t supposed to agree with everyone and everything in life!  We are however, supposed to love and respect one another as we are all God’s creation, all created in His image and that love and respect will be shown here and is expected from you the reader.

Hopefully my ways can work for some of you as well.  We are all unique and what works for me may not work for you………… But it might!





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