Beginning November 1st, The Lone will focus on helping and raising up the young men, teens and adult men everywhere to be the men God created and called us to be.  Men of honor, strength, courage, compassion, as well as Godly sons, fathers, boyfriends, husbands and grandfathers.   God also created men to be warriors and protectors of their families, loved ones and of those who cannot protect themselves.  Like shephards protect their flocks, we as men are to protect our homes and be warriors for Christ.

The martial arts and self defense will still be a part of this journey, but so will much, much more.  Our walk with Christ and in the martial arts are both very personal and solo journeys, requiring self discipline and the ability to do what is right at all times, making the hard choices when they matter most.  This page will be dedicated to walking that path and becoming men of God along the way.

Be sure to return here November 1st, subscribe and begin your journey, as we support one another, iron sharpening iron to be the best we can be.