The Lone Warrior
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“Life was never meant to be easy. There are no magic pills or shortcuts to success in anything. It takes hard work, focus, dedication, persistence and patience. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. “

Kevin W. Putala Creator: The Lone Warrior


As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. - Proverbs 27:17



I am a Christian father, husband, son and grandfather.  I grew up knowing about God and Jesus Christ, went to church as an adult, participated in church things, men’s groups and even went to a couple of men’s retreats, but something was missing.  Church became four walls where everyone came Wednesdays and Sundays and put in their required amount of worship for the week.  They acted Christian inside of those walls but outside of them their lives had not changed much.  Neither did mine.

This blog is my journey to having a deep, personal relationship with God and Our Savior Jesus.  It is a journey to discover what the Bible and God himself calls me to be as a man, husband, father and grandfather.  What I am to be as a follower of Jesus Christ and what God says I am to be as His creation through His Word, not the four walls of a church or even the pastor.

This is my study of the Bible and finding those answers.  I hope that my journey may help other teenage males, young men and older men alike, seek to become all that they were created to be and to stand up as the men and warriors God calls them to be.



The Lone Warrior

The warrior and man of God.

The warrior and man of God.

The name of this page is The Lone Warrior and there is a reason I named it that.  It started out as a page documenting my martial arts journey over the past 32 years and my training now.  Like the martial arts, life itself is a very personal and solo journey and so is our walk with God.  Yes, we have friends and family around and we are not technically “alone” but each and every decision made in our lives, how we respond to circumstances, our actions and the consequences of those actions and decisions are all ours to deal with.  No one makes them for us.

I have read many articles claiming that Christians who study the martial arts will go to hell.  I find this ludicrous, as the Bible is filled with warriors, war and battles.  All of these men are martial artists, warriors who study the art of fighting to defend themselves, their families and their loved ones against evil.  I believe having self defense skills is part of being the man God calls us to be, but that is a discussion for another time.

This journey I take and yours as well if you choose to join me and walk beside me and others, is a very personal and solo endeavor.  It will cause us to look deep inside of ourselves and deal with some very uncomfortable issues and make very hard decisions.  We each must make them alone, but all of us can be there to encourage and support each other in the process.

My hope is that this ends up not as just a blog, where I just write and everyone reads, but a community where we interact, ask questions and find answers.  It should be a place where sound, Biblical information is found and where readers can learn, think, share and find peace.

I’m Just A Guy Trying To Help

I am not an ordained minister or priest, but a Christian father, husband, grandfather and martial artist who has been through divorce, been a long distance dad, remarried creating a blended family and that has made his share of mistakes.  I was a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (I.S.S.A.) and a martial arts student and instructor for over 32 years.  Hopefully my experience can help other men in their struggles.  All of the content here will be Bible based, not my opinion or reasoning, but what Scripture says.  The world’s view and reasoning has no place when determining our eternity once we leave this world and it will not have a place when speaking of what the Bible says.

We are all “lone warriors” on our individual paths, but we can all be here to help and encourage each other, lift each other up and help each other become the men we are destined to be.  The men our girlfriends, wives, children and families deserve.  If I am able to help achieve this in even a small way then I have fulfilled my goal and it will have been from God, not me.  He may use me, and I am praying He does, but He will have done His work through me.  I will not take any credit for that.

My Prayer

My prayer is that my words and the words of the Bible touch you and effect you in a positive way.  I hope they motivate and inspire you, but more than anything I pray you take action.  If I am able to motivate you to be a better man,  father,  husband and person but you do not act to make those things come about,  then it is all for nothing. I pray you are inspired, take action and receive all of the blessings God has in store for you.




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