The Lone Warrior
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Self Defense Home Academy Will Be Going Solo.

The martial arts have been around for hundreds and even thousands of years. They’ve stood the test of time because they have evolved to address the threats and society of the times.

The same with individuals. If we aren’t continually learning and growing, we are dying because we become stagnant. We should be continually learning, whether it be in school, from our experiences or even or mistakes.

We should take those lessons and make personal adjustments going forward, so we do not repeat the same mistakes over and over and we become smarter and wiser.

Solo Trainers

Solo training in a park.

Solo training in a park.

Since starting the Self Defense Home Academy website and blog, I have been continually changing and evolving the site to provide the best, focused content possible on self defense.

It is through these changes and observation that I have gone from focusing on self defense in general, to women’s self defense, to self defense training at home.  During these changes I have come to realize that there are many out there, experienced and novice, who are training on their own. They do not belong to a school due to finances, age or other reasons and they don’t have anyone to train with them at home.  Even if you do belong to a school, you must train on your own and practice what your sensei taught you to develop great skill.

I find myself in this same situation. I have 31+ years of knowledge inside my head, but have been unable to train the past three years due to surgeries and injuries. I am now working toward getting back into shape and improving my skills.  At 50 years old I am not joining a school full of teens, and cannot find a training partner to train with.  I am left to train my techniques and self defense skills on my own.

Our New Focus

Beginning March 1st, this site will be pivoting and changing direction.  While we will always be self defense oriented, but we will be focusing on solo training for martial arts and self defense, as well as the journey as a karate warrior.  All of the present content will still be here, but the name will change to   The name will also change on the social media accounts as well.  The social media accounts will not be closed and reopened under the new name, so you should still be able to follow without doing a thing!

I will be providing tips, tools and techniques to improve personal training and self defense skills for all those who train alone. Beginner and advanced, traditional martial arts or self defense, you will find training exercises, drills, equipment reviews, and fitness workouts, all geared and taking your personal solo training to the next level.  Those of you who study any style of karate, I will also be documenting my journey as I continually learn and study the art and what it means to be a warrior.

You will get accurate information, honest reviews of equipment, DVD’s, books and more, and you will be able to purchase them at the absolute best prices.

My Journey As Well

As I mentioned earlier, I am a solo trainer and instead if finding it a disadvantage, I see it as a benefit.  For one, I have the flexibility to train whenever suits my schedule best.

Training on my own, I am able to develop my own personal way of defending myself based on my abilities and preferences, not an instructors.  I am also able to train at my own pace, rather than keeping up with students half my age.  I am also free to fully explore the art of karate and other martial arts no matter the style.

It also becomes a journey of creation.  I am not creating a new martial art, but I am creating my own way of defending myself from the arts I have trained in fit so long.  I will also be creating training tools to use at home to assist in my training.  Being creative keeps the mind sharp and young.

Journey With Me

So stay with us as we continue our 30 self defense lessons in 30 days, and once that has finished we will begin our journey as lone warriors.  Even if you belong to a school, solo training on your own is a must to develop great skill.  You MUST practice what your sensei taught you on your own.  Everyone should be a lone warrior of sorts, because we all must train on our own and we are all taking our own individual journey in the martial arts.  I’m here to help you along your journey and learn from you in the process!


God Bless!



Kevin Putala is a blogger, martial arts student/instructor for 30+ years and a security officer. He created the Self Defense Home Academy for YOU.So that you and your loved ones can be safe at home and on the street.

About the Author kwputala

Hello, I have been a student of the martial arts since 1985 and have studied various styles, always focusing on the self defense aspects of the arts. I have taught in the military, privately and publicly and have been a certified personal trainer. I believe that everyone should know how to defend themselves and that this can be learned from home through videos and written material. I am dedicated to you, the reader, in helping you learn self defense so that you are able to handle an attack on the street.

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