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The Lone Warrior Is YOU!

When I decided to start blogging and settled on the name, “The Lone Warrior”, I was initially thinking of myself.  As Time went by, however, and things evolved, I realized that it wasn’t me or about just me, but all of you as well.

What Is A Lone Warrior?

I began to think of how people would see the title of my blog and react. What would they think it was about? The obvious would be the literal, thinking that the blog is all about me and that I consider myself some kind of great warrior and that I’m either the only one or a loner.

Actually, neither is true (Well, maybe I am a bit of a loner).  I do however believe strongly in owning a code of conduct, a warrior code, and try to live my life according to that code.  I have served in the US Army Military Police and have trained in the traditional martial arts for over 32 years. So following a code of conduct became part of who I am.

Warriors Fight

Each and every person on this earth is a warrior whether they know it or not. Each of us has something we fight in our daily lives. Some of the battles are large-scale wars and others are little skirmishes, but we all have them.  Some battles happen each day and others come and go, but we are all fighting something.

It could be an addiction, depression, a sickness, cancer, body image, obesity, bullying, job stress, school stress, marriage problems, divorce, or the stress of raising kids.  The list is a long one, but the point is we all are battling something and there’s no better way to fight a battle than to fight it like a warrior.

Warrior Ways

I first started blogging strictly on martial arts and self-defense, which is literally fighting physical hand to hand battles on the street.  The reality is that most people who train in the martial arts rarely, if ever, have to use them on the street in their lifetime.  While being able to defend yourself is very important and I believe everyone should train to do so, it’s the daily battles like those listed above that all of us need to be prepared to face.  Studying the ways of the warrior, the code, and looking at warriors past will give us the skills, discipline, and strength needed to fight and navigate through our daily struggles.

The moral compass of a warrior is more often than not based on his or her spiritual beliefs.  For me, my spiritual and moral compass is the God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.  The Bible is full of warriors that faced war, personal tragedies and is full of wisdom for our daily lives.  Many of the warrior and martial arts codes parallel the teachings of the Bible when it comes to how to treat others and our daily dealings with them.

This blog now focuses on such things as basic daily struggles and how best to deal with them, the wisdom to make correct choices and avoid tragic consequences, as well as self-defense skills, being healthy and fit to fight.  I also document my journey as well, to show by example, that we all have our battles and how I am fighting mine.

I am not THE lone warrior, but A lone warrior, like each and every one of you.  I know some of you are thinking “What do you mean lone warrior? I’m not alone, I have friends, family, etc.”  Let me explain.

Why “Lone” Warrior?

When I refer to being a lone warrior, I am not saying you are alone, although some of us may be.  I am referring to the fact that although we may have family and friends in our lives and around us, our decisions in life and the consequences of those decisions are ours and ours alone to make.

From the time we are small and first experience peer pressure to adulthood and deciding something like trying drugs, the decisions in those moments were ours and ours alone.  You may have had Jimmy or Susie egging you on and calling you a wuss if you didn’t go along with the crowd, but the ultimate decision whether you did or not, fell squarely on YOUR shoulders.

The Warrior And The World

It is the same throughout our entire lives.  Do we do what others, society and the world says is right and acceptable, or do we what we know and firmly believe is right? Are you strong enough to resist the temptations and pressure to conform to stand for what you believe is right or do you let others make that decision for you? (Which is a decision in itself)

Warriors do not care what others think of them or what others are doing.  They do not care what the standards of others are, they hold themselves to a higher standard than anyone else could. They have their beliefs and code of conduct that they live by according to what is morally and spiritually right.  They lower their standards for no one and often raise others up to theirs.

Warriors also study the skill of fighting and employ it in their daily lives as well as on the battlefield.  They use every weapon available to them to defeat their adversary and win. They know they will not win them all, but they survive to fight another day.


It sounds like a lot and kind of confusing, but my goal with my blog is to help anyone I can to be the warrior God created them to be and to help give them the tools and skills needed to not only fight their daily battles but win the war.  I apologize if my thoughts on this seem all over the place, but having a warrior attitude effects everything we encounter in our lives.

I aim to do this by example, documenting my journey and by instruction and story based on my knowledge and experiences.  If I can help just one person with the rest of my life, ask for the time and effort will be worth it.

It’s not about me and I am not the lone warrior. You are!


God Bless,



Kevin Putala is a writer, martial arts student/instructor for 30+ years and a security officer. He created The Lone Warrior to help men rise up and become all that God created them to be by sharing his journey on the path of the Christian warrior.

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a martial artist for over 32 years, a husband, father and grandfather. I am on a journey to become all that God created me and other men to be. Leader, protector, warrior, son, husband and father. I hope that through my journey and this website that I can help other men in getting on their feet and standing tall in all God created them to be.

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