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It’s A New Year! Take Control Of Your Health!

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Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had a very nice and safe New Year’s, but this is the first week of the year and there is absolutely no time to waste!

Starting Out Right

I started out 2018 as soon as I woke up and got out of bed, on New Years Day with a walk (After Christmas Eve and Day I was up to 252 pounds!!).   My body didn’t quite feel like walking, but my desire to reach my goals overrides that, and afterwards I’m always glad I did it.  I choose to do my cardio and workouts in a fasted state.  By the time I wake and begin my workout, I normally will not have eaten anything for about 16-17 hours. This includes sleeping time.  I am following an intermittent fasting protocol, not only for fat loss, but for all of the health benefits of fasting. I won’t go into ask of the details of intermittent fasting because there is tons of information online about it.

One of, if not the best resource I’ve come across on the topic is Mr. Thomas Delaure.  You can check out his YouTube channel HERE.  He explains everything clearly and scientifically, covering a broad range of topics on the subject.  I have used intermittent fasting before my shoulder surgeries and was seeing success with it until I fell off the wagon.  I decided to return to it, while eating a low carb diet when I do eat, cutting out sugar and processed carbs. I get my carbohydrates from the vegetables and fruit I eat.

I will post an article on what I am doing in my personal journey very shortly.  In this one I want to go on a short rant about taking control of your own health, because no one is going to do it for you.  Let’s get started!

Take Control Of Your Health In 2018!

In 2018 I plan on taking control over my own health and fitness and hope that you all do too.  Once you start looking online and reading up on various health, wellness, fitness and diet information, you will notice that there is A LOT of confusion and contradiction.  For every article or video you find saying one thing is good for you, you will find one or more that say it is bad.  Do your own research and find what works for you specifically.  God created every person different and unique and what may work for me may not work for you and vice versa.

Soapbox, Sorry!

In America most of us eat what has become known as the “Western Diet” which has been proven to cause obesity and disease.  Not a very good diet at all because it is all about excess and the food we eat is usually NOT natural or has been modified in some way.  Food companies alter the food, adding chemicals and ingredients we can’t even pronounce, and use processes to make it cheaper and taste better, making us want to eat more of it.  The government, or FDA, allows all of this, knowing that we are all getting sick and fat which makes them and anything they say totally useless!

When it comes down to it, people eat what they can afford, even if they are trying to eat healthy, because they are trying to stretch their paychecks as far they can.  Food companies know this, especially fast food companies, and they target those who live in lower income areas.  Don’t believe me?  Next time you happen to be in an area that you know is a low income or struggling area, take note of how many fast food places are around compared to those higher income areas.  Sure they both have them, but the lower income areas are saturated with them.  At one intersection of a neighborhood I pass through regularly here in Tampa, there is a McDonalds, Checkers, KFC and Taco Bell on each corner and a Burger King less than 50 yards away!

Companies target us and they even target kids with their commercials so that they can whine to their parents to buy the junk food they are pushing.  Whenever someone stands up and tries to make them change or stop what they are doing, the companies or special interest groups spend millions of dollars to sue and strike down any opposition.  They will not stop what they are doing because it is all about the almighty dollar, not your health and welfare.

Not the government, your doctor or anyone else is going to make your food choices for you.  All they are worried about is money, not your health or whether you live or die.  You are the only one that controls what you put in your mouth to eat.  As a “Lone Warrior”  this too is your decision and yours alone, and it can have very serious consequences down the road.

Sick Cycle

It’s as if the food, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have created a “Sick Cycle” in this country.

Take Control

No one knows your body better than you and cares about it more than you.  You know when something is not right or when you are sick or injured.  I am not saying never go to the doctor or seek medical attention when you need it.  What I am saying is that we all have the final say in what we eat, what we do and what medications we take.  We all have this power but we have stopped using it, surrendering it to the medical community, health insurance companies and others.  It is time we take back control of our own health, fitness and wellness and have the final say in all areas.

In the “sick cycle” above, it all begins with food and nutrition.  It all starts with what we choose to eat each day and those things either promote a healthy body or become a reason we have a sick one.  Doctors are not taught nutrition in medical school and they do not take a preventative approach.  They treat symptoms of illnesses after they have manifested themselves, rather than keep you healthy so that you don’t get sick in the first place.  It is not any different than relying on the police to keep you safe.  They cannot be with you 24/7 to protect you from harm.  YOU have to ensure your own safety because when something happens, even if they are called immediately, they will most often show up after the fact.  Doctors practice medicine from the back end, after we are sick or injured, not from the front end, being proactive and doing all they can to ensure you don’t get that way in the first place.

Take Steps

In 2018, start reading, researching and learning for yourself about diet, nutrition, exercise and the medications you may be taking.  Ask questions, read the labels on the foods you eat, and if you cannot pronounce what is in it, don’t put it in your mouth!  Cut down on sugar and notice how much sugar companies sneak into EVERYTHING we consume, even milk! By doing so you will empower yourself to make the correct choices for you and your family, see your health improve, your weight go down and your energy and life improve.


“If it came from a plant, eat it.  If it was made in a plant, DON’T!” –  Michael Pollan


Poor nutrition and altered food is making us sick, and is the reason for the obesity epidemic in our country, among other things. Proper nutrition and exercise can make us well.  It all starts with the food we eat and the exercise we get each day.  While exercise is important, it is secondary to nutrition and what we eat.  Begin by learning all you can, which can be done for free online by just Googling a topic, reading about it and comparing the things you read.  Seek out the most reputable experts in the field or topic you are researching, rather than rely on “bro-science” and the guy at the gym.  Most often you will have to try it to see what works for you, not what they say will work for everyone.

Start by taking small steps like cutting out sugar, eating on smaller plates to reduce portion sizes, reading labels before you throw items in your shopping cart, and slowly creating healthy habits.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  There is a lot of BS out there to sift through and you have to learn what works for you.  This is the start of a new year and the perfect time to say enough is enough, take control of your health back, and begin your journey to a healthy and fit 2018!

I’m not just talking, but doing the same thing myself, so I will be right here with you.  Thanks for reading my rant, talk to you soon!

God less,




Kevin Putala is a writer, martial arts student/instructor for 30+ years and a security officer. He created The Lone Warrior to help men rise up and become all that God created them to be by sharing his journey on the path of the Christian warrior.

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