The Lone Warrior
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Hi! I’m Kevin, glad you’re here!


I’m Kevin Putala, creator of the Self Defense Home Academy.  I started in the martial arts officially in January 1985 and have been a student and instructor ever since.

The main style that I practice is the Korean at of Tang Soo Do.  I also have trained in and hold black belt ranks in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, American Aikido and Kaneshi Kwan Hapkido.  I was blessed to have instructors in all of my styles that focused on effectiveness and self defense.  This served me well as a Military Police officer and investigator while in the US Army.

I have taught self defense seminars in Germany and in the United States and taught martial arts and self defense to military police, the public, and privately.  In 2008 I taught as part of a Christian martial arts ministry which opened my eyes to how the martial arts can be used to serve God’s kingdom.

In 2010 I started the first ever Red Shield Warrior martial arts program in the state of Florida through the Salvation Army.  This program taught underprivileged and at risk youth in the Tampa Bay area.  The program is now non existent.

I then began my own martial arts ministry, Trinity Christian Martial Arts, teaming up with a missions group Mission Time 4:13 and performed self defense seminars for women and for women who were victims of abuse.  Trinity CMA was ended in 2015 due to me suffering extensive injuries from a work accident.

My desire to continue the work God has placed in my heart, teaching martial arts and self defense, helping women, has led to the creation of the Self Defense Home Academy, an online resource to provide people with detailed, effective and realistic information to improve all aspects of their personal self defense and safety.

The reason it is online is to hopefully reach as many people across the globe as possible.  2017 starts my mission to reach people everywhere, teaching defense of self, basic and easy to remember fighting techniques, self defense weapons, personal and home safety.

My Martial Training

My journey in the martial arts started when I was 12 years old and went to the movies to see the release of Good Guys Wear Black starring Chuck Norris.  After watching him kick and punch his way to justice, a common theme in his career, I was hooked!  I went to the library and began devouring everything I could find on the martial arts.

The only martial arts school around was a Tae Kwon Do school, but we could not afford for me to take lessons.  I visited once or twice with a friend of mine and learned the first few basic punches and kicks.  My real training consisted of studying the books and imitating the moves.

Training in Korea

Training in Korea

We had a heavy bag hanging in our basement which allowed me to practice actually striking something, rather than the air.  I had the opportunity to begin learning from an instructor when I joined the Army and was stationed in Korea.  I was in a very small village with one karate school and it just happened to be a Tang Soo Do school.  The same art Chuck Norris learned as an Airman stationed in Korea!  What luck!

My training in my parent’s basement, copying everything in the library books paid off.  Learning the basics of the system came easily because I had already been practicing them for over a year.  Surprisingly, and contrary to what most believe, I required very little correction from my instructor.

Most instructors and traditional martial arts students firmly believe a person cannot learn from a book or video.  I disagree because I did it and did it successfully.

My martial arts journey has continued on and off until today.  At 50+ years old I hold a 5th degree black belt.  At this point in my journey I am focused on giving back to the martial arts for all it has given me and to pay homage to my first instructor, the late Master Yun Tak Bong.

In 2014 I underwent two shoulder surgeries and in March of 2016 I underwent minor knee surgery, both of which prevented me from doing any martial arts training. I am currently working on regaining my strength and skill and will be working along side you going through all of the same lessons myself on the road back to proficiency.

I am married and the father of three sons and step dad to three more for a total of six sons!  I was never blessed with a daughter of my own, but I have been blessed with three beautiful granddaughters that are my world!  I love being a husband,  dad and grandpa and believe there is no more important and fulfilling role in life!

The safety of my granddaughters is of utmost importance to me and when they get older I hope to teach them the same self defense skills you will see here.  The world is constantly changing and the need for self defense and safety training is growing along with the threat to our safety!  I hope to make a positive difference in your life, giving you the ability and confidence to handle any situation you may find yourself in.

I am glad that you are here and I look forward to helping you reach your self defense and fitness goals.  I teach in a straight forward way and will not sugar coat anything, being honest 100% from beginning to end.  No martial art or instructor will make you the next Bruce Lee, lethal in 30 days, a ninja turtle, or a weapon of mass destruction.  I can however, give you the information techniques, encouragement and instruction to develop your personal method of self defense based on your physical abilities and limitations.  You will gain confidence and the skill necessary to handle a physical altercation if one ever arises.

If at any time you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me through the contact page.  I read each and every one!


God Bless You,


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