The Lone Warrior
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How Not To Get Hit Using The Clock Principle

The Importance of Movement When faced with an attack, being able to move and place yourself in the most advantageous position is extremely important. If your attacker is  trying to strike you, you don’t want to stand still and attempt to just block the attack.  Why? What if you are too slow? You will get struck and possibly knocked down and […]

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Home gym equipment

Setting Up Your Home Gym

Many people think that if they can’t get an effective workout in a home gym.  It doesn’t take much or really anything to be able to work out and train effectively at home, except some empty space, dedication and a little knowledge.  You don’t need any weights, your body weight is just fine, and you don’t […]

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3 Keys To a Self Defense Stance

When the topic of self defense stances comes up, often times images of Daniel-san standing on one leg with his hands raised above his head, ala the Karate Kid come to mind.  Or maybe Bruce Lee thumbing his nose and bouncing around, but neither of these are what we will be talking about.  While learning […]

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Make It YOUR Self Defense System!

When learning a traditional martial art, students are taught the proper way to execute all of the basic techniques according to how that style or instructor believes they should be done.  Many instructors demand that they be performed in an exact way (often his) which is unfair to the student and negatively affects the arts […]

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