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Your Child and The Martial Arts, My Thoughts.

People come to the martial arts for a wide variety of reasons, especially children.  They see them in a movie or on TV, like the Ninja Turtles, or maybe a video game they play and they actually want to be able to do those moves themselves, or they may wish to compete and win trophies.  […]

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Your Opponent Is Your Teacher

This is the ultimate truth of the martial arts that not many will acknowledge. Yes, you should seek instruction from a quality instructor and stay with them at least until you reach black belt and have mastered the basics of a single system. If you do not have access to an instructor or cannot afford […]

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What Are Christian Martial Arts? (A Short Answer)

A while back I received a comment on an old video I had posted on my YouTube channel asking “What are Christian martial arts? Really? Lol” in an almost mocking manner.  This is common in the martial arts community where martial arts classes held in churches or community centers professing to be Christian aren’t taken […]

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Improving Your Martial Arts Kicking After 30.

Hello Everyone!  I received a question from a fellow Tang Soo Do stylist in Texas via Twitter.   J.R. asked if I have any tips on improving kick height and balance.  Well J.R., it just so happens that I am working on my martial arts kicking right now!  Over the past 3 years I have had […]

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Is Karate Your Lifestyle?

While we have all probably heard the saying “Karate is a way of life” we have also heard the same about other things such as health and fitness, yoga or CrossFit. So what is meant by that? What makes karate my “way of life” or “lifestyle”? Do I walk around in my gi all day […]

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True Kata; Comparing Tang Soo Do and Karate

The first thing I wanted to do when I began my journey searching for true Tang Soo Do Korean karate, was to explore the roots of the system. I found that they go back to the Karate masters of Japan and Okinawa and even to China. This is covered in a previous article Tang Soo Do History; Rising Sun to Morning Calm.  […]

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