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Tang Soo Do History; Rising Sun to Morning Calm.

Tang Soo Do, The Way of the China Hand, a traditional Korean martial art said to have originated in the ancient arts of Taekyun, Subak, and Kwon Bop.  They especially flourished during Korea’s Three Kingdoms period starting in 50 B.C. and developed ever since.  It is said that Tang Soo Do was called SuBak at that […]

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My Martial Arts Path Part3; Seeking Truth.

I boarded a plane and left South Korea January 6, 1986 heading to Fort Devens, Massachusetts.  While my training with Master Yun ended, my martial arts journey had just begun. Many begin with obtaining a black belt as their ultimate goal.  A black belt only means that the basics of the art were mastered.  The black […]

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My Karate Journey Part 2; Training in Korea

It was Monday, January 21, 1985 and after being released from work for the day, I ate a quick dinner, grabbed my white gi (I will use the term gi, rather than dobak, because it is more universally known) and belt, and ran to Master Yun’s dojang.  My official journey in the martial arts and […]

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My Martial Arts Journey Part 1: From Basketball to White Belt.

At 51 years old and starting a journey to trace what I believe to be the true roots of the martial art of traditional Tang Soo Do, I figured I should start with my journey thus far.  Not to bore you with an “It happened a long time ago….” type story, but a little background […]

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Self Defense Home Academy Will Be Going Solo.

The martial arts have been around for hundreds and even thousands of years. They’ve stood the test of time because they have evolved to address the threats and society of the times. The same with individuals. If we aren’t continually learning and growing, we are dying because we become stagnant. We should be continually learning, […]

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Self Defense Online; You CAN Learn On Your Own!

“Can I learn self defense online, at home?”  A question that comes up in forums all of the time and is met with pretty strong argument, mostly from those stating that it cannot be done.  The most common response is that you can only learn enough to get yourself hurt.  I disagree, and I believe that […]

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