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Gun Defense: It’s All Or Nothing.

When I began training in the martial arts, gun defense wasn’t talked about very much. Eventually I was taught some in Tang Soo Do and Shotokan karate, but they were risky movements at best and would probably end with you getting shot. Defenses seen in some traditional styles may have been effective against single shot, […]

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The Warrior In You.

  Whether you are training in a traditional martial art, sport martial art or a self-defense class, as soon as you turn your focus to real self defense you become a warrior.  To be a warrior, you must think and train like a warrior! Once your focus turns toward defending yourself from a real life […]

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Taking The Fall: Fall Protection for Self Defense.

One of the most overlooked areas in self-defense training is fall protection, or how to fall properly. This is a problem because there is a good chance that during an attack you could trip and fall or your attacker will try to take you to the ground. Falls are the second leading cause of accidental […]

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Kicking For Self Defense

I Love Kicking My favorite part of learning the martial arts was kicking.  Let’s face it, the use of the feet as weapons are what makes the difference between a martial arts fight and just the regular brawl.  From the time I was 12 years old, sitting in a theater watching Chuck Norris in Good Guys Wear Black […]

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Keys To Fearsome Elbows

The elbow is one of the most devastating techniques in self-defense. The elbow itself is very hard and does not have many nerves, so it feels very little pain.  The elbow is capable of a lot of damage, from bad cuts to vicious knockouts. It is used at close range, when the attacker is up in your face. Trying to throw an elbow from […]

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2 Most Effective Strikes For Self Defense

When talking about self defense for the street, there are four primary basic strikes.  They are the lead hand (Jab), cross, hook and uppercut.  All four can be learned and used with great effect if applied correctly.  While those are the four main strikes, there are two others which I believe are more devastating and can […]

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