The Lone Warrior
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Basic Kicks

You are making excellent progress, keep up the great work!  Now we move on to basic kicks, which is the more glamorous techniques seen in the movies.  Everyone loves seeing a flashy kick to the bad guy’s head like Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport, but in reality kicking is not flashy at all.  As a matter of fact a basic rule of self defense is “If it looks pretty it probably won’t work.”

Kicking for self defense sticks to the basic four kicks of most martial arts systems; the front kick, side kick, round kick and back kick.  We do not aim for the attacker’s head because it places us at risk of falling and in a poor defensive position.  Remember, this is self defense and there are no second or third rounds.  It is one round with no rules, and your life is on the line.  For this reason all kicks are focused on the waist and down.

Watch each video and follow along carefully.  Warming up with some light stretching will prevent any muscle pulls and improve your flexibility.  Remember not to stretch a cold muscle!  Perform some jumping jacks or running in place first to get the blood flowing.

Like all of the techniques you will be learning, practice in front of a mirror to ensure proper form, and if you have any questions, let me know by going to the contact page and shooting me an email!


Front and Side Kick


Round and Back Kick



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