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Self Defense


Welcome to the self defense page!  If you hover over this page in the menu, a drop down will appear, listing pages for self defense basics.  These pages are filled with short lessons on basic, effective techniques to be used on the street.  If you are just looking for some basic self defense info and skills, this is the place!

You MUST Practice!

As with any skill you are trying to learn or master, practice makes perfect.  In a skill such as self defense, where it can literally mean life or death, PERFECT practice makes perfect!  Just watching the videos or reading books and articles is not going to help.  Obtaining knowledge is great, but if you don’t APPLY it and put it into action, it means very little.  If you are trying to develop self defense skills, you must practice them regularly.  It will take thousands (Yes, thousands) of repetitions to build muscle memory and develop your skill to the point where your body reacts naturally, with little conscious thought.  Find a partner, friend or family member, with the same self defense goals as yourself and train regularly!

It’s Not A Race

You will not and cannot become proficient overnight.  You will have to put in the time and sweat to develop these skills.  How long it will take exactly is up to you and depends on how often and seriously you train.  In any case, realize that this is a journey and that there is no rush.  It is better to take your time and learn properly, mastering each technique before moving forward than it is to hurry and rush on to the next technique.  Having a little knowledge of a lot is never better than mastering less and totally owning those techniques.

Questions? ASK!

If at any time you have questions on any of the content presented, please feel free to contact me and ask!  I will answer each and every one in a timely manner and do my absolute best to help you out.


Remember, Be safe, Be aware and Be Prepared!



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